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Engage and grow with the right social media agency.

Social media has evolved into more than just sharing experiences. According to Global Web Index, social media is the second biggest source of online product research. The customer journey now requires brands to be proactive with consumers who are researching purchase decisions. Pairing this consumer behavioural insight with social media marketing’s cost-efficiency and the ability to hyper-target via interests, keywords, language and device, you have a huge opportunity to accelerate your brand’s growth.

Why choose Grafix for social advertising?

Like everything we do as a digital marketing agency, our approach to social media advertising is scientific. Rigorously so. Our data-driven methodology isn’t only about quick wins or traffic. It’s formulated and continuously optimised by our team to deliver the bottom-line results you want to achieve.

Home to the best social media advertising specialists.

Any social media advertising company can invest in technology. But technology is only ever as good as the people using it. We invest in both talent and technology. Relentlessly. The best social media specialists. The best technology is at their fingertips.

Manage the community, or it will manage you.

While brands do a decent job responding to comments on their organic content, they frequently forget their ads need love too. Active community management allows your brand personality to shine. But more importantly, it has the potential to change the mind of your critics AND convert them into buyers. Don’t underestimate the power of conversation.

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