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What makes a good digital media strategy?

It starts with what you want to achieve and works backwards from there. It must be trackable, measurable and focused on limiting wastage. A digital media strategy designed for growth is informed by a deep understanding of your audience and their online journey. The three areas of focus are:

Determining the user journey and path to purchase.

Starting with the development of user personas and supported by all available data – including first, second and third-party we begin to discover the journey consumers are on towards a purchase.

Uncovering their online behaviours.

Analysing your audience’s browsing habits (where they’re searching, what channels they’re on, how they interact with you and your competitors) is core to understanding who they really are and what they desire.

Optimising destinations.

Whether it’s your website, an external retailer or an online behemoth like Amazon or eBay, conversion rate optimisation is crucial.

Digital media strategy for ambitious brands.

Some of Australia’s most recognised brands trust True to develop strategies that accelerate their growth and create positive returns for their media investment.

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